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Engagement in the work of our clients and related research lies at the heart of a C7group Fellowship. Work assignments can offer unparalleled experience working with senior executives and seasoned thought leadership in social business and the enterprise 2.0 space.  How participants perform in the fellowship exercise determines whether they will be selected for a possible staffing position with C7group.

Your efforts contribute to millions of dollars of savings and/or revenue in client companies using the most advanced technology and social business methodologies for culture, workflow and customer communication. This work often requires long hours and, at times, unglamorous duties that require as much perseverance as ability on the Fellows’ part.

C7group Fellows spend a year engaged full-time or part-time focused in particular disciplines:

Writing and Research Fellows

A writing fellowship consists of performing research in new areas of social business implementation, assembling client use cases, researching and preparing reports for evaluation.  Assignments demand a capacity for quick learning and a willingness to work hard, often on issues outside of your area of expertise. A writing fellowship offers writing intensive work, often with published results, while gaining leading expertise in the most advanced application of social media and social networking technology.

Solution Design Fellows

Examining client audits and assessments,  evaluating business needs and participating in pre-sales interviews to assist in the design of client solutions and recommendations are the responsibility of the Solutions Design Fellow. This fellowship offers the opportunity to work closely with industry leading consultants in change management, business process re-engineering, information technology, social intelligence and social media risk management. You will be in a position to demonstrate creative problem solving while learning the C7group model for the culture of a social business. You will be in the room helping to determine the best application of social technology for a business to yield the best results and return on investment.  Solutions Design Fellows will live the agile, social business model of tomorrow.


In return for the privilege of participating in the Fellowship year, Fellows are expected to apply what they have learned by contributing to their respective communities, professions, and in public service. Fellows are expected to return to their former or new occupations more experienced in how social business technology and practices will be a crucial to the successful modern business.

Perhaps the most enriching component of the program is class fellowship, which often results in enduring friendships. Alumni convene at yearly meetings and welcome new Fellows into a growing and prestigious community of social business thought leaders and practitioners.
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C7group Fellowship Program Overview

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