Fellowship Program


This one-year program uniquely integrates work experience with academic and professional development. The intention of the C7group Fellowship program is to provide first-hand experience while working at the highest levels of consulting in social business technology and practices. A Fellowship is an ideal next step for those that have completed course work in social media. It offers the opportunity to work beyond social media marketing tactics and help develop business culture and process by integrating social networking technology.

Qualifications and Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 20 years of age by September 1, 2013.
  • Be prepared for responsibilities that require at least the equivalent of a part-time job.
  • Individuals with advanced degrees or those in mid-career are encouraged to apply.

The purpose of the C7group Fellowship program is to provide talented and highly motivated … with some first-hand experience in an an agile, social business that is helping its clients transform their culture, ideology, workflow and use of technology.

It is essential to the healthy functioning of business that it embrace change and constantly evolving technological advancement.  We are in the early stages of another industrial revolution with the advancement of the social and mobile web. There must be a generous supply of leaders and practitioners who have an understanding — gained first hand — of the challenges that business now faces to remain competitive.

The low barrier to entry in social technology spaces, due to its ease of use and pervasive adoption has produced all manner of training, some of value and some not. The C7group Fellowship Program will provide practical experience and participation in impactful projects and research using social business practices and tactics.  C7group fellows will advance their raw understanding by learning and contributing to the C7group methodology and model for the social business culture of tomorrow. C7group fellows will be equipped to bring about change that will make work more fun, engaging and productive.

The C7group Fellowship Program is designed to give superbly qualified candidates precisely those experiences.

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