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News Release: Ending Homelessness in Sacramento with Better Social Business Workflow

December 29, 2011 (Sacramento, CA) — Sacramento Steps Forward is a non-profit tasked with a critical mission of ending homeless in Sacramento by 2020, serving as a national example of how to end chronic homelessness.  Beginning in January 2012, C7group will partner with Sacramento Steps Forward staff and volunteers to implement social business strategy and…


Social Media for Business Podcast Interview: Kat Maudru and Jeff Marmins

It always helps when an interview turns fun and entertaining. When our CEO, Jeff Marmins was interviewed by Sacramento radio legend, Kat Maudru, listeners got some great value and tips along with their laughs. Kat and Jeff had a lively discussion at Entercom Sacramento Radio about social media for business. The program originally aired on…


Company attempts to create social media that improve workplace efficiency

Wenatchee World, December 24, 2010: Company attempts to create social media that improve workplace efficiency “The lessons about why Facebook has worked, why it has 500 million users, why we link and tweet – it’s translating that into a business culture,” said Marmins. That’s the key to social business, Jive’s Lochhead said, incorporating the social media…


‘Social business’ the next big thing?

The Columbus Dispatch, Sunday, December 19, 2010, ‘Social business’ the next big thing? Companies look at how to improve communication “Social business is taking off in a big way. It’s a big thing in terms of business applications,” said Chris Fletcher, a research director at Gartner Inc. The Connecticut-based research firm has tracked the information-technology industry…


Facebook and Twitter Inspire New Field

  The Sacramento Bee, Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010: Facebook and Twitter Inspire New Field Employers want their employees to be more productive. They want to be able to identify talent and put it to its best use. Employees have ideas and want to contribute, but they’re shuttling from meeting to meeting, digging out from under…


Social Business Isn’t A Fad

Sacramento Business Journal, November 19, 2010: Social Business Isn’t A Fad Just as individuals have incorporated social media into their personal lives through sites such as Facebook and Twitter, more businesses are using social technologies to boost collaboration and communication among their employees and with customers. This use of social technologies among companies and organizations…


C7 Group, software developer combine forces

Sacramento Business Journal, Friday, November 19, 2010: C7group, software developer combine forces A new management consulting company specializing in social media for business has partnered with a leading software developer in that category. C7group in Sacramento is one of a handful of strategy consulting firms nationwide and the only one in the region that has formed an…

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