Community Platforms

Customer and Employee communities offer collective wisdom, idea generation, improved loyalty, purchasing power and message amplification.

C60 Buckminsterfullerene Model for organizational structure in social business

Communities are a central component to a social business. A community is an essential strategic tool for:

        • Finding and sharing expertise.
        • Breaking down departmental and geographic barriers
        • Understanding customer and channel needs
        • Reducing communication costs.

They represent the most promising  strategic imperative for business.

We gather with others who want to share and help. It’s human nature. Groups have been forming electronically around experiences, brands and products since email Listservs and Newsgroups became popular. Now community platform technology can leverage our natural tendency that has been proven online, enabling a more agile way of doing business. Today the enterprise is seeing significant results in customer service cost reduction, sales growth, customer retention and more when collaboration and communication software is put in place with the right strategy and planning.

Community is ready-access to getting or giving help and connecting to one-source-of-truth.

Community platforms leverage the knowledge and passion of employees and customers while retaining that knowledge and making it easy to find. It is estimated that 10% of a large salary budget is spent on employees searching for experts and information. C7group strategy, workflow and related tools can eliminate the waste.

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Employee Communities

Ask around your company, employees know how much time they waste trying to find answers and attending too many meetings. Communities enable faster and less expensive collaboration and communication. They are the evolution of corporate intranets and portals. The disparity between how we communicate on a personal level and how we are finding information and experts within large companies has become a deep divide. C7 provides the cultural and strategic framework to move employees from passive consumption to active participation with an agile process and rapid return on investment.

External Communities for Customers, Partners and Vendors

Building the right bridge of transparency and engagement between outside constituents and your company has become an expectation worth satisfying.  Community platforms enable our social nature, allowing us to help others with what we’ve learned and fostering our need to learn more. Traditional intranets cannot foster strong relationships or expose informal leaders and subject matter experts like communities can.

Symantec Customer Community Drupal C7

Social platforms provide an organization a real time venue to promote a higher frequency, open discussion.

C7 selected leading social business software platform vendors Jive Software and Acquia, creators of Enterprise Drupal Commons as partners in solution and best practice development.

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