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C7group Sales Content Production Content Marketing Sales Enablement Services Overview

C7group plans and creates content for every stage of the sales funnel.  We use an agile engagement process to arrive at a well-defined content strategy, quality content and properly targeted distribution. C7group helps to increase top line growth by providing services that create sustainable competitive advantage.

Our approach to sales and marketing content is as a holistic, social, digital business. We see the big picture. C7group offers services that include:

Sales Content Production
C7group services include writing and creating content from conception to finished deliverable.  Sales content in our view is generally middle to top of the funnel focused – in the desire and action phases after sales has been in contact with the qualified prospect. Continue reading…
Content Marketing
From idea to execution we help build a content machine that generates and nurtures leads in order to grow quality sales. Our services are end-to-end from strategy to measurement and reporting. Continue reading…
Sales Enablement
Today’s digitally enabled sales force must understand how to sell using modern online tools to build prospect trust and establish credibility. We ensure that your sales team can deliver the right message at the right time to advance prospects to close. When there is alignment between sales and marketing and people are on message they convert leads and close opportunities faster. Continue reading…

The advantage will not go to those businesses that simply put digital practices and tools to use. The competitive advantage will be awarded to those that embrace their capability,  innovate in how they use them and are nimble concerning change.

Discuss your sales content strategy, production and distribution with us. We guarantee you’ll get some good ideas worth executing.

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