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Social Media and Social Business Services, consulting and Traniing

C7group provides consulting recommendations that are data and ROI driven. We perform objective analysis and in-depth research using an agile engagement process. C7group provides employee training in the form of live workshops, online workshops and discovery days.

Our approach to social, digital business is holistic. We see the big picture. C7group offers services that include:

Social Business Consulting
C7group consulting services include strategy, planning and roadmap for the use of social media and/or social business tools. Our consulting services will help ensure the best return on employee and customer community, integrate social intelligence solutions such as social media monitoring and analysis tools and social, mobile and web applications. Continue reading…
Digital Business Audit
The proliferation of cloud based services and traditional software can cost business it’s productivity. Instead, the coordination of these tools and all of their functions, including customer engagement, can reduce cost and increase revenue. We examine all the tools you are using in the digital landscape such as public social platforms, mobile applications, websites, landing pages and CRM. Continue reading…
Employee Workshops
There has never been a better time to make sure employees behavior in digital spaces is the best, and most authentic, reflection on your organization. Bad customer service examples are shared online and spread instantly. Regulated industries struggle to keep up with changing legislation. Employee regulation is another moving target. Our workshops address all of the above. Continue reading…
Tool and Talent Selection
C7group has been in the social web and online networking landscape for enough years to know that there are hundreds of tools online and people are difficult to qualify. How does your CRM system connect to project management and Facebook? Who is best qualified to help executives blog and participate on Twitter? Let us present you with some choices based on your business workflow and industry needs. Continue reading…
Social Business Discovery Day
Identify and implement applicable tools and services for engaging customers. Identify how to measure customer sentiment. Learn how to measure success. Learn business impacts through current case studies. Plus, see a live demonstration of effective social software. Continue reading…


We understand that using Facebook to reach customers has a relationship to internal company communication. The advantage will not go to those businesses that simply put digital practices and tools to use. The competitive advantage will be awarded to those that embrace their capability,  innovate in how they use them and are nimble concerning change.

Discuss your digital strategy with us. We are certain you’ll get some good ideas worth executing.


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