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Digital Strategy and Online Marketing Audit including social media, mobile and website review and recommendations

An audit of your digital brand presence, communication tools and online competition is a decisive step toward a well executed and strategic communication effort.

Your C7group Digital Audit results become an instrument for measuring success. The audit identifies company strengths, under-developed capabilities, unanticipated obstacles and perspective opportunities.

The C7group Digital Audit examines all your digital assets: web, social, mobile and apps.  Audits are customized for each client, however, the steps that most audits include are:

Digital Strategy and Marketing Audit Base Process

Evaluate Environment
Company capacity evaluation based on factors such as:

  • Knowledge, experience and capacity
  • Company culture and infrastructure
Identify Possibilities
Using a digital business and social technology practice maturity scale, evaluate the business’ commitment , integration and performance.
Performance and Capacity Assessment
  • Digital presence – social media, website, mobile apps, community tools, blogs and email marketing
  • Digital Reach – Public social platform analytics, online advertising, SEO and SEM
  • Content strategy
  • Competitor research and best-in-class examples
  • User Interface / User Experience
Identify Areas for Change or Improvement
The brands that are getting a “A’s” in social media like Disney, Verizon, Subway, Fox News and ESPN, are constantly identifying areas for change or improvement. Businesses usually gain the greatest value from prioritizing a few areas and developing their strategy and building on the level evaluation of current efforts.
Refine Practice and Repeat
The social media communications audit results in more than just an identification of areas or practices that need to be adjusted or improved. To maximize the chances that audit findings will be used and actual practice improved as a result, the audit will provide:

  • Specific recommendations for how actual communication practice can be enhanced and link data to concrete actions
  • Highlights of the benefits of adopting the actions; in addition to the weaknesses they are designed to address
  • Prioritized recommendations

We have special pricing for the C7 Digital Strategy and Marketing Audit when bundled with a block of consulting time or other services.

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