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social selling and sales workshops and training

Training for B2B sales managers and teams that drive results

Learn how to:


    • Use the social web to appeal to prospects and connect with clients
    • Connect on the right platform at the right time
    • Be a resource for potential buyers
    • Participate safely according to your industry regulations and company policy
    • Develop a process for monitoring and engagement
    • Create a team of trusted brand ambassadors

C7group offers sales team training and workshops that explore, educate and encourage adoption of new technologies.  Each company has its own culture, goals and needs of social engagement.  We customize our training sessions to fulfill the specific needs of each client from lecture-style introductory sessions, to hands-on play by play workshops, on topics including:

  • Social Selling
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Lead Generation using Social Media
  • B2B Social Selling and CRM
  • Social Media and Customer Relationship Development
  • Enabling Social Selling –How To Integrate Social Selling Into Your Existing Sales Process
  • Social Media Compliance and the Workplace
  • Social Media Listening and Analysis

Social selling is an important tactic to grow revenue.  Our training will protect your brand reputation and intellectual property.  Engage your customers, drive results and safeguard your organization against the risks posed by social media.

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