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Most executives and business owners are not leveraging today’s common tools – computer, tablet and smartphone, to anywhere near their capability. You have it within grasp – the keys to better earned media  – the publicity that comes naturally without writing a check.

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Social networks influence your employees, customers, competitors, channel partners and suppliers. Time is money.

Integrate social media  into the fabric of what you’re already doing and you’ll reach your digital marketing and sales goals.

If you consider social media as a separate strategy with tactics that are quarantined from the rest of your day-to-day activities, then you’re doomed to fail. You will spend more time influencing your networks less.
We asked business owners, department leadership and senior executives how we can help. We’ve seen what behaviors produce success. When we discussed training the most common objection has been a fear of the learning curve not to mention answers like,
“I’m not going to sit through videos.”
“Training classes are technical or narrow – like just Facebook.”
Business owner social media trainingOne-on-one, side-by-side, in-person training and coaching is our answer. Sure, we’ll provide some video tips (2 – 3 minutes each) and some shortcut sheets to keep handy. The time we can spend together will change your digital life because we’ll have an expert set you up, guide you and make it easy to include collaborators or support team if you have them.

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If you’re a busy business owner or executive that knows what it’s like to rarely see your house in daylight, you need our program to help you learn how to:

  • bring efficiency to how you gather information online
  • set-up your web browser for faster, easier sharing and social communication
  • synchronize information between desktop and mobile devices and find what you need when you need it
  • Represent yourself and your business the right way with personal profiles in high-visibility channels such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Slideshare
  • Interact with your business online, focusing on organizational impact
  • Be aware of and participate in the conversations that matter the most to you online
  • Integrating social communication with email
  • Safe, private dialogue about social media and business technology with a trusted coach
Business owners and executives need to get digital right and to do so with seamless integration into their daily productivity. The bolt-on posting schedules and conversation topics to share are a fraction of the battle. Integrating filtered social listening, responsiveness and intentional, targeted connections with your audience must become part of your existing actions.
A few in-person intensive sessions, setting-up your digital tools together and a couple of video meetings where we share your screen can make all the difference in the impact you’ll have online in 2014.
Act now Holiday Wish pricing on our Social Business Executive Training will ensure that you meet the objectives you’ve set for the coming year. Let us help you hit the ground running in the 1st Quarter.
We maximize ROI by focusing on what you most need to know with expert, individualized guidance.

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