Strategic Consulting

Win more sales. Reduce expenses. Keep customers.

C7group’s strategic consulting services help businesses build social ecosystems that help increase revenue, decrease cost, and accelerate innovation.

C7group brings cost saving and revenue producing technology and practices that have previously only been available to enterprise level organizations, as well as the expertise to properly implement them, to small and mid-size businesses.

The speed of business must match the rate of change in technology

A true social business engages customers and employees across the organization, from customer service, to marketing, to employee collaboration. Businesses have jumped into the social web by engaging on public platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, but, these sites online are merely the tip of the social technology iceberg for business. Facebook and sites like it are the most visible and most talked about, however, isolated success on public social websites leads business down the marketing tools path with blinders on.

A social business is more than that, it integrates culture, community, changed workflow and processes for responding to customer interaction.

Many integrators are known to partner exclusively with vendors. C7group is independent and product vendor agnostic allowing us to be objective. We ensure that our clients get the solution best suited for their unique needs.

Our ideas and experience are shared by everyone across your organization, leading to increased innovation, agility, and competitive advantage.

Our approach to “Business 2.0”  is holistic and comprehensive and delivered through a consolidation of our methodical five-step process of discovery, planning, governance, deployment and activation. C7group Consulting Services:

  • Provide data and ROI driven recommendations, objective analysis and in-depth market knowledge using an agile process.
  • Help better engage, communicate and collaborate with customers and employees.
  • Provide tools and practices for bilateral communication between employees and customers
  • Design customary practices and tools required to maximize social media interactions.
  • Leverage best in class software technology including community platforms, social intelligence solutions and other web and mobile technologies.
  • Mitigate risk associated with employee use of social media.
  • Implement procedures to monitor and respond to social network activity about your business, occurring from any device or network including mobile devices.
  • Provide a dashboard that shows the volume of mentions and positive/negative sentiment on topics of your choosing, across the internet and social media sources.


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