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 Do you have a methodology for this work?

Social media is often discussed in terms of Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers, but these are  two channels of many online. Thousands of productivity tools including CRM, and hundreds of social collaboration platforms are available to choose from with new social applications being introduced each day. C7group Tool Selection is a methodical, matrix driven selection process based on the goals of the organization, social media maturity and current industry best practices.

C7group has identified the 5 “T”s that together make-up a successful social media and digital strategy.

Curating, cultivating and creating content; driving, responding and participating in conversations; and listening, monitoring and analyzing social conversations takes time — and lots of it. Deployment of proper tools is the only way to have adequate time to successfully manage a company’s social media presence.
Finding qualified talent for evolving roles utilizing emerging technology is a complex task. Past experience is only a portion of the required search criteria for social technology employees in a specialty where the company’s goals, culture, structure and process is an integral component of social activation.
Are social responsibilities solely a marketing function or are other departments such as customer service and sales involved and participating? Evaluating tools and talent is specific to the needs of each organization based on the company’s culture, structure and goals; or stated another way, how they “treat” social technologies.
There are literally millions of channels on the web, thousands of productivity tools, and hundreds of social collaboration platforms with new social applications being introduced each day. Vetting which tools are appropriate requires a methodical, matrix-driven selection process.
Technology Integration
Social applications are most effective when they are routine, pervasive, and incorporated with other systems and processes. Selecting technology resources including: computers, mobile devices, social media platforms and networks, software applications, web, and other workplace tools that integrate with each other and work seamlessly throughout an organization is imperative.


5 Ts of Business Results for Tool and Talent Selection


What talent and staffing questions can you  answer?

Who is going to manage your social media?

Is it part of marketing, customer service or both?

How do you qualify talent?

Do you outsource? Partner? Hire staff? Carve part of an existing team member’s responsibility?

Who is best qualified to help executives blog and participate on Twitter?

What online application and software questions can you answer?

What cloud based management or analytics tools are best for your business and industry?

What social media platforms are best for your business approach and industry sector?

Based on your business structure and workflow, what social communication tools could reduce cost and improve employee communication?

How does your CRM system connect to project management and Facebook?

What’s different about staffing or choosing vendors for social, digital roles?

Finding qualified talent for traditional job responsibilities is challenging when the expectations are clearly defined and the processes refined by years of practice. However, finding qualified talent for developing departments utilizing emerging technology is exponentially more difficult; particularly if there is no person within the organization that has any relative experience to properly assess the search criteria.

 Social media and changed communication tools are exciting but make us nervous. Can you help with the big picture?

Company culture and structure also plays a role into the proper talent selection for the team. How is your organization treating your social media activity? Is it “siloed’ as only a marketing function or are other departments such as customer service and sales involved. C7group Talent Selection provides the outside assistance from experts to identify the proper talent for your organizations’ needs.

At C7group, our evaluation of tools doesn’t end with individual solutions for individual goals. We look at the social technology available to reach the system-wide business goals within the organization. We work to ensure the social technology works with other systems currently being used by the company and recommend complementary, integrated technology solutions.

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