Social Intelligence

Social media monitoring and analysis empowers companies to gain actionable insight into consumer opinion of their brand, product, or market by tapping into the billions of conversations taking place in online media. Even if you or your clients have “decided” not to actively participate in social media, it’s really not a choice. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does social media. Either you can fill the vacuum with your perspective, or your customers and competitors will fill it for you. The choice is clear.

Monitoring helps with branding and marketing and can help identify quality control or customer care problems that may have gone unnoticed. Monitoring is only one piece of the puzzle, however. It’s important to find out who is saying what, and where the conversation is happening so you can respond appropriately.  There are many social media monitoring tools on the market today such as Radian6, Lithium and Jive Software but only one that distills meaning – with mathematical precision – from the cloudy torrent of opinion, information and data available online.


Our Chosen Social Intelligence Partner, Crimson Hexagon

Our Relationship with the clear market leader in Social Intelligence, Crimson Hexagon allows us to offer our clients the very best and most accurate picture of what’s being said about them. Many competitive products claim to capture online opinion, but only read samples and make broad inferences. Crimson Hexagon ForSight provides a clear and comprehensive analysis of opinion, answering the specific questions that matter to you.

Crimson Hexagon’s advanced technology can identify and analyze opinion from large quantities of text, whether it’s the vast blogosphere or even an in-house content repository. Crimson Hexagon users access a private, customized dashboard that starts by showing the volume of mentions and positive/negative sentiment on topics of your choosing, across the internet and social media sources. Then with the Crimson Hexagon Opinion Analysis Platform, consumer brands, marketing agencies, media firms and government agencies can drill deeper into relevant opinion according to their specific concerns, letting them quickly find answers to key marketing and business questions.

Advanced Technology

Crimson Hexagon’s technology analyzes the entire social internet (blog posts, forum messages, Tweets, etc.) by identifying statistical patterns in the words used to express opinions on different topics. Based on this insight, it goes beyond simply measuring positive versus negative. Instead, it delivers a clear understanding of the nature of the online conversation the key themes, their relative size, and how they change over time with up to 97% accuracy.

Why It’s Different

Crimson Hexagon delivers Social Intelligence:

  • Market research insight into the vast stream of online opinion-turning qualitative feedback into quantitative terms.
  • Real-time feedback on online dialogue so your organization can develop engagement strategies associated with marketing, social media, and product design.
  • The ability to track and measure opinion according to business criteria, and to calculate the ROI of online marketing and PR investments.

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