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Sacramento-based company turns social media into social business

Sacramento-based company turns social media into social business

ABC News 10 January 28, 2011

SACRAMENTO – Imagine taking the success of Facebook and making it work for your business. That’s exactly whatC7 Group co-founders Jeff Marmins and Mark Bean did.

Based out of Sacramento’s Urban Hive, they developed a business solution that utilizes the philosophy behind Facebook and other popular social media tools to help businesses improve their project cycle times and interoffice communications.

“Today’s companies are so big and so busy they no longer talk to each other. This can result in a miscommunication of strategy,” Jeff Marmins, C7 Group co-founder said. “We’ve come up with a way to help them with this problem.”

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Facebook and Twitter Inspire New Field


The Sacramento Bee, Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010: Facebook and Twitter Inspire New Field

Employers want their employees to be more productive. They want to be able to identify talent and put it to its best use.

Employees have ideas and want to contribute, but they’re shuttling from meeting to meeting, digging out from under e-mails, lost in the cubicle farm.

Palo Alto-based Jive Software is among the companies that see a solution: using the tools of social media, blogs, online discussion groups and wiki documents among them to change how businesses communicate and work.

And now Jive, a $30 million firm and a leader in social media software for business, has partnered with Sacramento social media marketing and consulting firm C7group.

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C7 Group, software developer combine forces

Sacramento Business Journal, Friday, November 19, 2010: C7group, software developer combine forces

A new management consulting company specializing in social media for business has partnered with a leading software developer in that category.

C7group in Sacramento is one of a handful of strategy consulting firms nationwide and the only one in the region that has formed an alliance with Jive SoftwarebizWatch to promote each other’s business. The alliance is a good first step toward what C7group’s principals hope will be more partnerships that can help the start-up company gain a foothold in social business, also known as enterprise 2.0.

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