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Cover page Seven Social media Mishaps and How to Avoid Them Whitepaper for business social media including C7group copyright and author Jeff Marmins


Seven Social Media Mishaps and How to Avoid Them



Including lessons to help protect your brand and reputation 


From the Foreword:

Businesses and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of social media for marketing, sales and customer service. Most organizations have come to terms with the fact that they need to engage their audience online. Notice we didn’t say, “Participate in social media.” There is still considerable confusion about social media – mostly around the idea that you have a choice. Most likely a conversation is already occurring that could mean an opportunity for sales, service or customer loyalty. How will you respond? Will you lead and/or contribute to the conversation?

Examples and Lessons:

  • Retaliation is not the answer: Amy’s Baking Company
  • Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth: Nutella
  • Companies need social media guidelines: HMV
  • Employees will affect your brand: Taco Bell
  • Social media needs constant monitoring & attention: Yosemite Region Resorts
  • Social media is not 100% reliable: Boston Marathon

Read this social media whitepaper and takeaway the best cautionary tales and practical advice on how to not let them happen to your business.

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